student of life . photographer . road warrior . mile-a-minute chatterbox



I'm Faith-Ann, but I also go by Faith, Faithy & "Hey you girl!" (though I can't promise I'll be the only one to respond). Born and raised in Southern California - naturally, my favorite place is anywhere near the ocean.  

I photograph fun people & awesome families.
By day I am a Client Ops Manager. I'm also a website design hobbyist, people watcher, list-maker, note-taker & the classic O.C.D. neat-freak. 

I'm often heard before seen - known best for being a classic mile-a-minute chatterbox and expressive storyteller (erratic waving hands included). 

I am my father's  daughter,
the mirror image of my mother,
the yang to my younger sister's yin,
& a real-life auto-correcter to my husband
(fellow photographer jvphoto). 

Photograph by For Love and Light .

don't be shy.

I love meeting new people.

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