The Proposal



If you know John, you know he's the resident funny guy - bringing "the humor" wherever he goes. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that for the past three years John has jokingly "fake-proposed" to Faithy. He did the whole nine yards: down on bended-knee, holding up his hand and saying, "Faith-Ann Flores..." (you get the picture).

Most have wondered why Faithy didn't just violently shake John the first time he fake-proposed, let alone allow this odd tradition to continue for three years.  Short answer: John's comedic timing was just too perfect.

John would propose in the middle of riding any of the Disneyland rides - you name it, he's asked. He proposed in the club, on the dance floor in the middle of a dance circle. He's fake proposed at the movie theater, the mall, a show (both for a band and Broadway) and in their new loft. His fake proposals included anything from flash-mob references to Boyz II Men introductions. He's even fake proposed at her cousin's wedding reception.

However, when the time came - those three years of mockery came back with a karmic vengeance. How to surprise the love of his life - when she's either veto-ed any attempt he's hinted or she could sense proposal-planning a mile away. The element of surprise was very important and he had hit a wall.

But then it dawned on him -
"Keep it simple, John, keep it simple."

Using a location scout as a rouse to head to Santa Monica, they trekked through a bit of traffic to hit the L.A. county beach. During the drive, John found his nerves at an all time high. Faithy, on the other hand, thought he was just angry from being super hungry (aka. "hangry"). They found themselves on the beach during "magic hour" - with the sun hanging over the water's edge. 

Always wanting John to add to his photography portfolio, Faithy stepped aside - just shy of where the ocean water cascaded onto the beach shore - so John could set up his camera for a few sunset photos. While watching the sun begin to slowly set above the horizon, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Santa Monica, CA. Photograph by jvphoto

John handed her a very small package - and as she unwrapped it, she ask what must have felt like a million and two questions (yeah, poor John):

When did you get this?
Where did you get this?
How did you get this?
Was it while we were at the mall?
Hey, wasn't I with you in that store?

After John's nervous attempt at "hushing" her rather rambling inquisition - she opened the package to a miniature book labeled "Our Adventure Book" fashioned after the adventure book from the Disney movie "Up."  The first pages were lined with tiny photos of the both of them - from their San Francisco Trip to their merged 500 Days of Summer remake.
But honestly, it was the following page that took her completely by surprise.

The words "...and onto our next big adventure" began to blur as tears welled in her eyes ....and there it was the symbol of their new adventure.


As she looked up to see John's face - he got down on one knee and the next words couldn't have been more perfect...

"...For real this time...

...Faith-Ann Flores - will you marry me?"

and well, you know the rest.



p.s. seriously, the best three-year build-up ever!